Shanghai Gubot Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in Florence in 1962, Gubot is favored by the upper class with its exquisite Italian craftsmanship. It is a world-class supplier of excellent automotive beauty products. For more than half a century, Gubot has served 80 million in 65 countries. The owner of the car, its luxurious low-key, stylish and elegant image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In 2015, Shanghai Gubot Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Fully launched the operation and promotion of Gubot brand in mainland China. The company introduced advanced technology and concepts while cooperating with many well-known research institutions and universities in China.

To achieve technology, and continue to increase research and development efforts, continue to innovate in the automotive aftermarket, has launched nano-cleaning beauty system, wheel repair system, Automatice wheel spray machine, personality painting system and other automotive service projects, for the traditional The automotive aftermarket offers new, sustainable services.

The company has a strong R& D team. The products developed are rich in content and leading in equipment technology. Currently, it has obtained more than 20 patents and obtained more than 10 certificates issued by the government. The company keeps up with the trend of the times and policy planning, taking energy conservation and environmental protection as the starting point, researching and producing a series of innovative technology products and equipment for the traditional automotive aftermarket, using disruptive technology, innovative marketing models, professional technical training, and scientific. The management operation has won unanimous praise from customers, and the profit of the brand has been formed in the industry.

Under the background of the national "mass entrepreneurship, innovation" policy, the company is striving to build core quality equipment products, and also vigorously develop product sales channels and brand building. Through the nationwide layout of 300 city operators, the company has gradually developed 3, 000 physical stores including the special car living museum, the Gubot standard service store, and the Gubot authorized store. The company is the first in the industry to manage "direct alliance". The headquarters provides a standardized operation management system from personnel recruitment training to store operation management, realizing unified marketing planning and promotion of Zhimeng store, improving service quality, strengthening cost control and ensuring investment profit.
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