Zhongshan Greens& DRSD Auto-Overhaul Equipment Factory is one of specialized development and production in: Car avoids dismantling and washing, collecting and annotating waste oil equipments, the fuel sprayer auto-overhaul and washes analysis instrument factory, and there are many senior professional technicians who with enrich car environmental equipments research and development experienced in our company, meanwhile, we introduced American car advanced technology, and imported the main parts from other countries up to over 70% also. So we success develop car avoids dismantling and washing, collecting waste oil, fuel sprayer auto-overhaul washing analysis instruments, which reached to the highest level of all the same equipments. We always insist on ′convenient′, ′switch′, ′high-efficient′′for our equipments, ′advanced technology′, ′high-quality′, ′perfect service′for your aims and ′let your car assure forever new, let our environment be free from contamination′for our purpose. At the same time, we welcome old and new customers to come over wholeheartedly in high quality service at favourable price, cooperate.